Stswecem’c Xgat’tem Chief and Council (2016-2020)

Chief Patrick Harry


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Councillor Catlin Duncan


This is Catlin’s second term as councillor for SXFN. His previous portfolio was Treaty, which provided him with the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge about his land and culture. He currently holds a portfolio, which includes Natural Resources, Economic Development, and Youth.

Councillor Catlin also works as a carpenter both in and out of community. He is the youngest councillor and brings an open mind and fresh ideas to our community. He would like to see economic development create opportunities that will move his community forward. His main focus this term is to encourage youth to leave their gaming systems behind and enjoy outdoor activities on the land.

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Councillor Loretta Billy

Loretta[1]This is Loretta’s second consecutive term as councillor for SXFN. She held the Health and Social Development portfolio last term. Her current portfolio is Education.

Her commitment to the Stswecem’c Xgat’tem community is shown through extensive volunteer work, particularly at Rosie Seymour School in Stswecem’c, where she frequents as a fundraiser and chaperone. She has seven grandchildren and puts her family above all else. She is thankful for her fellow community members and their willingness to step up when needed. She believes in the capacity for all community members to contribute to a healthy, self-governing community.

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Councillor Harold Duncan

This is Harold’s second term as councillor for Stswecem’c Xgat’tem First Nation. He currently holds the Treaty portfolio and held the Education, Youth, and Culture Society portfolio in his previous term (2014-2016).

The land lover has a vast knowledge of traditional territory on both sides of the Fraser River. As the Treaty portfolio holder, Councillor Duncan attends tripartite negotiations for the NStQ Treaty with the provincial and federal governments. He maintains a connection to his other main areas of interest in community: education and youth. He promotes increased community involvement for youth and young adults. Councillor Harold remembers, with pride, the way the community pulled together a 60-person fire crew to respond to local forest fires in 2009.

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Councillor Eric Archie

Eric[1]Councillor Eric Archie, previously a SXFN Chief, currently holds the Housing and Capital portfolio and previously held a Finance and Administration portfolio. This is his most recent second consecutive term as a councillor for his community.

Councillor Eric brings his communication skills, his value for interpersonal relationships, and his strong love for connecting with all to his role as SXFN councillor. He is committed to responding to the demands of the people for ever-increasing level of knowledge and engagement from leadership. He believes in the value of communication and would like to see an even greater level of engagement with all band members. This term, one of his goals is to visit with and learn from elders, urban members, and others whose voices aren’t always heard at community meetings

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Councillor Marie Camille

This is Marie’s second term as a councillor for Stswecem’c Xgat’tem First Nation. She holds the Finance and Administration portfolio and held the Housing portfolio in her first term (2014-2016).

This proud grandmother of three and co-grandma to two has lived her entire life in traditional territory. She has supported her community in several professional capacities, including accounts payable clerk and education manager. Marie models her grassroots work ethic and sense of responsibility to community and family on the example set by her mother and late father, who taught her that actions are stronger than words and that one leads by example.

Marie works with SXFN department managers and administration to find innovative ways to access funding for equipment and tools to improve the quality of life for community Councillor Camille believes the greatest strengths of her community are helpfulness, humour, and hospitality.

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